C.O. Christian and Sons Company is a 46-year-old electrical construction, electrical engineering, and telecommunication company and we have 184 years of management experience with 6,000,000 manhours of electrical field experience.

We have installed:

3,000,000 feet of conduit 15,000,000 feet of wire 1,000,000 lighting fixtures 27,000,000 amps of electrical capacity 1,000,000 switches and receptables 100,000 KVA Emergency Generator Power 20,000 KW UPS systems 10,000,000 feet of cat 5 cable 16,000 fire alarm devices 500,000 feet of fiber optic cable 250 CCTV cameras

We have designed $75,000,000 of electrical work.



Electrical Contracting, Electrical Construction, Electrical Engineering

Today’s modern facilities must rely on the talents and professionalism of their electrical contractor for the successful installation and function of electrical equipment.  Here C.O. Christian & Sons excels.  We are able to draw from our vast engineering experience to accomplish the most difficult and intricate design of electrical systems, ensuring that the installation is performed in a timely and safe manner.  From site work, emergency lighting and energy management, C.O.Christian & Sons is the dependable source for electrical construction, electrical contracting and electrical engineering.


In today’s rapidly-growing concept of the design-build process, the design and construction industries merge to deliver comprehensive services to a project. This process offers to the project owner the assurance that a singular source is fully accountable for both electrical engineering and construction, that cost can be controlled more effectively, and that the entire process is completed more rapidly. 

Once a project owner determines the basic parameters of the project, the design-build process begins. A design-build entity is selected through various methods according to the requirements of the owner organization. In selecting this entity, the most qualified firm available, several criteria may be considered, including:

  • depth of resources
  • general reputation
  • management plan and project organization
  • current capacity relative to management, personnel and physical resources
  • financial capability and bonding capacity
  • previous experience of the design-build team for similar projects.

After the design-build firm is selected, its members meet with the owner to establish overall project objectives, including budgets, site selection if necessary, development of programs, and the establishment of schedules. Design and construction proceed simultaneously, as the design-build firm possesses both knowledge of the design process and of construction costs, schedules and availability of materials. A Lump Sum price (or Guaranteed Maximum Cost) is established, and contracts are administered. Construction begins, and is enhanced by the early combination of design and construction decisions, by the absence of claims for error or omissions, and by the increased schedule momentum of the design-build process.


Design/Build Projects

Tennessee Titans Practice Facility - Nashville, TN

Tennessee Titans Video Board - Nashville, TN

Cinram - La Vergne, TN

Nashville Refrigerator Service - Nashville, TN

Second Harvest Food Bank - Nashville, TN

Nextel Communications Center - Nashville, TN